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Blogging about the hottest education technology issues, these admin all-stars, IT gurus, education community experts and classroom leaders have proven their worth to their peers. Pens are now gaining popularity in the tablet market, and a digitizer can be a great tool for business users, allowing them to take notes , draw and jot ideas when on the go. The leading pen or stylus solutions on the market today are from Wacom and N-Trig , the latter is a company that Microsoft acquired and its technology is used on the new Surface tablets.

XRCI’s current research initiatives include automation and optimization of document intensive business processes for key verticals in emerging markets, crowdsourcing for business process outsourcing, and cloud-based technologies and solutions for optimized business process delivery.

Students may choose to undertake a significant computing project in a specialist area of information technology; alternatively students may choose to undertake a research-driven project concerning a topic relating to business management and information technology.

Students can participate in virtual teams comprised of students from universities around the globe; case competitions in international business, ethics and leadership, and strategic management; and corporate social responsibility in support of our local communities.

This paper provides an overview of the origins of technology roadmapping, by means of a brief review of the technology and knowledge management foundations of the technique in the context of the fields of technology strategy and technology transitions.

The increasing sophistication of Technology from the steam engine and discovery of electricity to telecommunications, the Internet and biotechnology can be seen as a haphazard confluence of the breakthroughs of geniuses – or it can be seen as an evolutionary pattern.

After several months operating this high-technology courtroom, including 11 serious and complex criminal jury trials, and survey responses from 141 deliberating jurors and alternates, I am ready to share some observations about the evolving use and juror impressions of courtroom technology.

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