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Free resources for teachers, educational ideas and tips, educational topics, Personal Learning Networks, Project Based Learning, Google, Evernote, Discovery Education and more. They have to be headquartered in India and have fiscal year operating revenues of at least $ 50,000 (Rs 30 lakh) in FYE 2014 for companies with a year ending between January and June and FYE 2013 for companies with a year ending between July and December.

Researchers at XRCI work on technologies such as cloud computing, crowdsourcing and business analytics to develop innovative services and service delivery models aimed at Xerox’s traditional document management businesses as well as its newer business process and information technology outsourcing businesses.

The combination of part-time study at University and work-based studies within current business projects enhances the opportunity for students to develop strong vocational skills which would not be possible to the same extent in classroom or laboratory-based studies.

To move towards a revenue impact model, one of the first things that technology marketers need to do is to integrate their marketing technology eco-system to create personalized experiences across digital channels and seek to optimize their content marketing efforts to improve acquisition.

Accenture Technology powers our client by building highly differentiated new business models and applications services, creating new experiences and driving the use of New IT, including digital technologies, cloud, intelligent automation, liquid delivery, liquid workforce and Agile methodologies.

Students in our research-based degree programmes graduate as Bachelors, Masters and Doctors of Science in Economics and Business Administration, as well as Bachelors, Masters and Doctors of Technology in Industrial Engineering and Management or Information Technology.

With an objective of putting the focus back on growth and recognizing companies leading the charge, the 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India in collaboration with ET SmallBiz has found India’s tech industry is shrugging off any talk of a slowdown with the Top 10 showing average three year revenue growth of 900%.

The TBM Conference is partly a users conference for Apptio , maker of a SaaS application for CIOs, born out of the logic that IT executive teams have as much or more of a need for analytics and purpose-built applications as any of the business units they serve.

Meanwhile, Costco and Walmart, despite being two of the most successful retailers in the world, have struggled to find success online because they can’t get beyond their brick and mortar heritage to see themselves as a technology business with an integrated online/offline ecosystem.

So, if you aren’t able to implement creative benefit strategies to address the evolving needs of your workforce, it’s a sign that your platform is inflexible and doesn’t provide you the necessary tools to address what’s required in the modern benefits landscape.

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