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You’re Either A Technology Business Or You’re Out Of Business

Hybrids are emerging as primary solutions for key application loads rather than general-purpose data support. The company recently launched its digital network architecture (DNA) to help customers make the transition to a digital organization Cisco’s DNA includes infrastructure, as well a number Cisco technology partners, and spans all aspects of the network, including branch, campus, data center and cloud.

Starting with eyeglass, which is the first ever wearable device, invested in 1286, to Abacus Ring in 1600, to Roulette Shoe in 1961, to Apple Watch in 2014, to Oculus Rift in 2015 wearable technology has covered a long way and have gone through various upgrades and reinvention.

The main aims of this module are to explore the international business environment in East Asia, to provide an overview of the various East Asian economies, their interrelationship, and their importance in the world economy, and to examine the lessons which may be drawn both from the economic success of the East Asian economies, and from the Asian financial crisis.

The research process began during 2015 with gathering inputs from the Technology Vision External Advisory Board, a group comprising more than two dozen experienced individuals from the public and private sectors, academia, venture capital, and entrepreneurial companies.

Technology can be defined as any tool that can be used to help promote human learning, including – but not limited to – calculators, tablets (such as an iPad), Smart Boards, video cameras, digital cameras, MP3 players, Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs), and, of course, the computer.

It provides the underpinning analytical and managerial skills for the business world, and key capabilities in programming, databases, software engineering, web technologies, cybersecurity, big data and cloud computing; all essential areas that are in increasing demand for twenty first century IT. This course will appeal to those finishing sixth form or college, as well as anyone with a career background in IT seeking to upgrade their skills portfolio and gain an academic qualification.

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